Industrial Applications

We have designed this application for use across various industries. To ensure its flexibility, we have kept the interface minimal and simple. e-Logger is committed to accommodating your specific needs and can tailor the application accordingly. Search for your industry below or contact us directly to determine if e-Logger is suitable for your needs

Product Manufacturers (B2B) and Suppliers (Distribution)

E-Logger is designed to facilitate the tracking of field staff movement, ensuring punctual deliveries, and effectively monitoring and streamlining distribution operations. The Meeting Minutes (MOM) feature aids in ... capturing crucial details from important discussions with clients and partners. The Admin panel is equipped with a multitude of analytical features, enabling the company to efficiently manage and analyze the performance of employees within the distribution network. These tools provide valuable insights for optimizing operational efficiency.
Industries such as Automotive, Medical Devices, Electronics, and Industrial Machinery are some examples where e-Logger can be utilized. However, the list is extensive; these are just a few illustrations.

Consumer (FMCG & Food) Products (B2C) Sales

E-Logger is designed to ensure the productivity of every field employee, offering special features that enhance security by preventing employees from falsifying their locations within the app. Additionally, the application ... facilitates real-time order-taking during client visits, leveraging location tracking to optimize sales routes and improve delivery efficiency. It also enables seamless documentation and sharing of meeting minutes with the company, incorporating essential details such as product information and accompanying photos.
Moreover, e-Logger empowers businesses in sectors such as Health and Wellness Products, Personal Care Products, Food and Beverages, and Household Products to analyze sales performance meticulously. This includes categorizing data based on product categories and customer visits. These features collectively contribute to a more efficient and transparent workflow for field staff management and overall business operations

Field Service Management (Remote Operations)

E-Logger ensures efficient service from employees through its Check-in/Check-out function. This feature not only tracks the employee's presence but also calculates the time taken for each service by counting ... the duration between check-in and check-out. Additionally, the application allows the utilization of the order-taking feature, specifically tailored for service- related products and spare parts. During service visits, employees can conveniently use the app to record meeting minutes, capturing important details from client interactions.
To enhance operational efficiency, e-Logger provides analytical features that allow businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their field service operations. We can seamlessly integrate e-Logger into HVAC services, property management services, field healthcare services, and any kind of machinery services among others. This versatility makes e- Logger a valuable tool for optimizing field staff management and enhancing overall business performance.

Delivery & Logistics Management

E-Logger simplifies staff management for delivery and logistics companies. With features like real-time location tracking with easy check-in/check-out, and seamless order-taking with customer contact integration, it ensures ... efficient operations and timely deliveries. Plus, its meeting minutes feature enhances data collection by allowing staff to record important details on the go. E-Logger streamlines workforce management, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction in the delivery and logistics sector. It's ideal for supply chain management, fleet operations, parcel and package delivery, warehousing, field service operations, and cold chain logistics.

Sales & Marketing Activities (Start-up Products & Services)

Simplify sales team management across various sectors including e-commerce, technology, mobile applications, health and wellness, food and beverage, ... consumer goods, and consulting services with e-Logger. Use its order-taking features to streamline sales processes, especially for new product launches. Additionally, efficiently document meeting minutes to keep a record of client interactions and feedback.
E-Logger also offers detailed analytics to evaluate sales and marketing performance. Gain valuable insights into strategy effectiveness and make informed decisions for continuous improvement in sales and marketing efforts.

Data Collection and Survey Reporting Agencies

E-Logger streamlines data collection processes across various sectors, including market research, opinion polling, customer satisfaction surveys, healthcare assessments, ... government surveys, environmental studies, education surveys, and social science research.
By leveraging its check-in and check-out functionalities, e-Logger facilitates systematic documentation of survey details, capturing essential information such as location, photos, and meeting minutes. Additionally, the application optimizes fieldwork by tracking the time invested in each survey or data collection task. This functionality ensures accurate time management and aids in evaluating field agents' performance based on the quantity and quality of data collected.